Feeding Communities To Revive

We understand that food is essential for physical strength and growth that is why we have been working to feed communities during disasters and when needed mostly. Our disaster response program started since the 2005 Kashmir Earthquake. Here is a list of some of our emergency relief activities since then: In 2009 we helped survivors of homes burned by an extremist mob. In 2010, Paigaam was able to get emergency aid to over 300 previously unreached flood survivors. In 2011, Paigaam provided emergency food and non-food items to approximately 517 flood survivors and treated 300 patients in a medical clinic in District Jhang. Later in 2013, Paigaam was able to provide emergency supplies to 220 families (1540 people) who survived the Baluchistan earthquake, navigating through violent areas and bridging religious and ethnic divides. In 2014, Paigaam had the privilege of doing another relief project for the survivors of Thar Drought where we helped 200 families with food and non food supplies.

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