Who We Are

Radio Badlo Zindagi is an internet radio station based in Islamabad, Pakistan. We are a ministry of Paigaam Ministries Pakistan, a Christian humanitarian non-governmental organization which has served the people of Pakistan regardless of color, caste, race, creed or religion since 2003.

Paigaam Ministries provides crucial relief to communities devastated by flooding and earthquakes, trains flood-prone communities in disaster risk reduction (DRR), equips Thar Desert communities with Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) skills, digs wells, provides assistance to persons with disabilities, conducts free medical camps, and educates children from poor families through The Genesis School. Paigaam does everything within its ability to serve Pakistan and its people, whenever and wherever possible.

As such, including a digital component in Paigaam’s community services was a logical step forward. Radio Badlo Zindagi exists to promote the development of Pakistan by facilitating peace and reconciliation through its programs. As an internet station, Radio Badlo Zindagi has a global reach, extending Paigaam’s mission of bringing healing and hope to the wider world.